Microsoft Technologies

The Stack of Technologies grows…and yet more and more they look alike.

I am glad to see the new Windows Workflow 4.5 allows “design by contract” for Windows Communication Foundation Services. This is a great thing…and it’s the way Mighty BizTalk has worked for years. :)

Yes, the Mighty BizTalk has been the biggest and baddest in the Microsoft stack of technologies for years. It looks easy, but I have NEVER been on a project that BizTalk handled everything. Custom Pipeline Components and helper class libraries have always been a necessity. BizTalk has been hard to configure, manage and maintain. Suffered from bad implementations by people (including me) that just didn’t know what was going on inside the box.

It is a harsh learning curve that can be both rewarding and expensive in time and company resources.

I am glad to see a lighter weight alternative come into the space with the Microsoft brand attached.

…just remember WHY we did BizTalk in the first place…message persistence…just in case the recipient isn’t available.

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